Private Label

Private Label

Outsourcing services in various spheres of activity have become very popular in recent years. The word “outsourcing” itself means committing by a company particular business processes to another company who is a specialist in this sphere. Business accounting, security providing and advertising are bright examples of outsourcing.

Such a type of outsourcing as contract production spread widely in Europe  in the 1970-s. Contract production means producing goods by order on the company’s production base that specializes in producing these goods. When you sign a production contract, you let professionals solve all the organizational and technical problems. Besides, you can be sure about production’s quality and full observation of technological process.

Our company has been represented on the cosmetics’ market by the “Markell” trademark since 1993. Modern production base, talented team and usage of innovative components let us produce effective cosmetics that meet the requirements of the most demanding buyers. Positive references of cosmetics’ market’ professionals, numerous diplomas and awards, and also an ISO certificate prove the highest quality of our cosmetics.

Cosmetics’ contract production is one of the areas of “Stilmark” joint enterprise’s activities. Besides producing cosmetics under the “Markell” trademark, our company also specializes in producing cosmetics under our own trademark (Private Label). Cooperation in this sphere will let you produce perfume and cosmetics under your own name, not investing significant sums in organizing your own production. You will be able to concentrate fully on advertising and promoting your products. If your trademark is famous enough, then contract production will help you to occupy a new market segment without considerable advertising and marketing expenses.

 “Stilmark” joint enterprise offers a full range of cosmetics’ contract production services to its clients:

  • inventing exclusive formulas taking into account the clients’ desires,
  • having a base of ready formulas for all groups of cosmetic products,
  • producing all groups of cosmetics products (except makeup cosmetics),
  • creating and supporting a brand, developing design models,
  • packing cosmetic products.

Cosmetics’ contract production is an attractive offer, interesting for quite a wide circle of organizations. This kind of outsourcing is commonly used by hotels that offer brand-name shampoos, soap and other means of hygiene to their guests, pharmaceutical networks that can be interested in creating medical cosmetics under their own brand, and also famous retail networks that can offer their clients a range of cosmetic products under their own trademark.

Making new products is a long-term and expensive project.  Cosmetics’ contract production will let your company organize producing new assortment of goods with smaller expenses and in far shorter terms.

If you are interested in cooperating with us in the sphere of cosmetics’ contract production and want to acquire more detailed information, please contact us by phone +375 17 280-57-79.