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We are pleased to invite everyone to visit the stand of “Stilmark” JV Hall 20/C55

We are pleased to invite everyone to visit the joint stand of «LeanGroup», «MIRUPACK» & “Stilmark” JV"  Hall 20/C55 and to discuss the cooperation at Cosmopack 2015 exhibition within the framework of Cosmoprof  Bologna  2015 exhibition in Bologna, Italy, for the period from March 19th till March 22nd 2015.


Facial skin care

Our face is our so-called trademark and our facial skin plays a role of “clothes” according to which we are greeted. Smooth and healthy young skin helps us to present ourselves in the most favorable light without any efforts. Like clothes, skin requires certain care. The older we get the more efforts, time and means we need to prolong our youth and beauty. 


Skin Care

Our skin is something that is always exposed for people to see. It can tell people about your stresses and emotions, about your fatigue and sleepless nights, finally it can easily reveal your age. But it can be quite the opposite! Soft, smooth skin that looks natural and has a healthy colour can present you to everyone as a beautiful and self-confident person, evoke the envy of friends and even conceal several years!


Body Care

Choosing cosmetics for our face we prefer to buy creams, masks, scrubs, cleansers, makeup removers depending on our skin type, age and other factors. However, few women pay attention to the following important moments: what is better for body washing – soap or gel, what is preferable for moisturizing your skin – cream or lotion, which scrub is more appropriate for your skin type – on the basis of cream, clay or gel, etc. Nevertheless, each cell of your body needs individual care and treatment, and methods of care must be chosen separately for each part of your body.